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Browsing through our website, you will find laboratory devices and information that will be helpful for Your lab and projects.Our goal is to provide solutions for your particular requests, utilizing the most reliable as well as most precise equipment available on the market today. We are committed to ensuring cost savings without compromising quality and range of functions.

In general the methods of analysis of milk composition, based on using chemical reagents are comparatively slow and the results less precise, imposing restrictions on the optimization of production. One effective solution of this problem is introducing the ultrasonic method of analysis. The result - ultrasonic devices measuring milk parameters within 60 seconds with a  level of precision unattainable by the classic methods.

The ultrasonic milkotester Master is designed to perform quick analyses of the contents of fats /FAT/, solids non fat /SNF/, protein, lactose as well as density, freezing point and solids by measuring only one sample, taken during the production, collection or processing of milk.

Is now available in two variants and 40 seconds for 60 seconds measuring
New technology is used for sensor with a longer life and increased accuracy. New better and reliable electronics.

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