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What kind of information should I send in the case of a potential problem with the analyzer?

In order to receive quick reply from the service center you must send the following information:
  1. Contact person/company name where you have bought the device from. How long have you used the device?
  2. Please mention the model of the device.
  3. Serial number.
  4. When did you buy the analyzer?
  5. How long the device worked properly?
  6. Did you calibrate the device or it works with factory calibration?
  7. Did you make correction or repairing of the analyzer?
  8. Please, describe the problem of the analyzer in detail. If we have not got detailed information, will be difficult for us to assist you quickly.
  9. Description of the problem. Please describe when and how the problem appeared: 
    1. Immediately after delivery e.g. the problem appeared after you switch the device on for the first time
    2. The analyzer worked properly for a certain time (please, mention the period) and after that the problem appeared
    3. Please mention your options regarding the status of the individual modules in case of the described above indications.


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