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How and where can I use the milk analyzers MASTER?

Thanks to the milk analyzers Master, the milk analyses passed from the laboratories to the farms, milk collecting centers, and small milk producers. With 12 V power adapters the milk analyses can be moved in milk collecting vehicle.  

Possessing high accuracy and measurement speed, minimal power consumption without usage of consumables, milk analyzers Master are attractive for the dairy industry, easy to operate, low cost maintenance and affordable price.

Milk analyzers Master are suitable for usage not only for control in big laboratories. Devices are appropriate for mini dairies to guarantee the important economical parameters as FAT and protein, where the accurate results allow fast corrections of the production for optimal end results. Milk analyzers Master are a solution to analyze the milk composition used in: analysis of milk for payment in order to ensure equitable payment to dairy farmers, milk standardization to improve the quality, control process and economy in the dairies, improving of the milk-giving herd to optimize the practices of feeding and breeding.

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