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LactoCheck DPU is an integrated milk collection station combining the precision of  ultrasonic technology with the efficiency of a sophisticated data processing unit. This Automatic Milk Analyzer is tailored for not just analysis, but for comprehensive management of milk quality data as well.

  • Precise Real-time Analysis: automatic testing of 9 key milk components including FAT, SNF, and CLR. LactoCheck DPU provides detailed insights into milk quality.
  • Advanced Data Processing Unit: Equipped with a powerful processing unit that seamlessly handles data for accept, import, and export operations, facilitating easy management of test results.
  • Rate Chart Creation: Innovatively designed to generate rate charts based on FAT and SNF content, LactoCheck DPU offers dairy businesses a smart tool for assessing milk quality and value efficiently.
  • Price Calculation Functionality: Streamlines the billing process by calculating the price per liter based on FAT and SNF content, plus the total amount based on quantity.
  • Weighing Scale Integration & Synchronization  
  • Solar Power Capability: Equipped with a solar panel, this milk analyzer harnesses solar energy, offering an  efficient power solution for remote and off-grid dairy testing.
  • Compatible with a keyboard
  • Ultrasonic Stirrer: for removal of air from the milk sample
  • Optional Built-in printer: print out results, reports, rates and amount
  • Member Codes and Password Security
  • Automatic and Manual cleaning support
  • Bidirectional Communication 
  • Made of Stainless Steel: durable and able to withstand a wide range of environmental conditions, including extreme humidity.
  • Suitable for Cow, Buffalo, Sheep, Mixed Milk
  • Rapid Component Analysis: Delivers precise analysis of milk components within 60, 40, or as fast as 30 seconds, ensuring efficiency without compromising accuracy.
  • Automatic Milk Collection Unit


   Measuring Ranges                                                  


0℅ -25℅


Solids-Non-Fat (SNF)

3℅ - 40℅



1000 – 1160 kg/m3



2℅ - 15℅



0.01℅ - 20℅



0.4℅ - 4℅


Add Water

0℅ - 70℅


Freezing Point

-0.4˚C to -0.7˚C


Sample Temperature




2 – 14mS/cm



0 - 14


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