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System for detection of inhibitors and antibiotics in animal milk (block heater) compatible with tests BETA STAR ®. The device is suitable for installation in milk collecting centers or milk transportation vehicles. We recommend using our blockheater which is developed to fit the shape and bottom surface of the micro-wells of different kind of antibiotic and inhibitor tests.

  • Two factory modes of operation

  • Easy to use

  • Portable and compact design

  • Low power consumption

BROCHURE               BETA STAR             




BS – W8


Incubating antibiotic test for raw milk 

Compatible test/ tube

Beta Star  , Beta Star combo

Time range

0 to 600 min.

Temperature range

30° C to 80°C

Working modes

Mode 1

Ø  Temperature :  47° C

Ø  Timer 1: 2min.

Ø  Timer 2: 3min.

Mode 2

Ø  Temperature :  47° C

Ø  Timer 1: 3min.

Ø  Timer 2: 2min.

Number of wells


Electrical parameters

Switching adapter:

Input 100-240 V~1.6A max , 50~60 Hz

12V ~24V

Dimensions ( W x L x H)

160 x 90 x 80 mm


1.005 kg

Cover Box material

Stainless steel





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