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Our Story

Established in 1997 in Belovo, Bulgaria, Milkotester LTD has become a pillar of innovation in the field of dairy analysis technology. Central to our ethos is the production and development of premium milk analyzers, proudly presented under the acclaimed brands Master and Lactomat. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities ensure each product meets the highest standards of quality and efficiency, complemented by our commitment to swift delivery.

Our transformation from a modest enterprise to a trusted industry leader, now producing 3500-4000 units monthly, is a testament to the trust and satisfaction of our customers. The driving force behind our evolution is our dynamic software team, whose relentless pursuit of perfection and adaptability ensures our devices not only deliver exceptional performance but also meet the ever-changing demands of our clients.

Looking ahead, Milkotester LTD is dedicated to maintaining its position as a cornerstone of excellence, continually striving to exceed expectations and set new standards in dairy analysis technology.





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