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Hydrogen peroxide test kit is a rapid test assay that detects hydrogen peroxide in liquid milk sample.


If there is hydrogen peroxide in milk sample, it can react to color developing agent to form yellow compound. The depth of color is in direct proportion to the content of hydrogen peroxide.

Kit Components

Detection reagent 1 bottle

1.5 ml centrifuge tube 2 pcs

Color scale measurement card 1 piece

Introduction Manual 1

Components Required, But Not Provided

1. 1 ml Pipette

2. 10 ml Color scale measurement tube


Sealed at room temperature, out of sun light

Test Procedure

1. Suck 1 ml milk sample to the 10ml Color scale measurement tube. Add water to make it to 10ml.

2. After mix completely, take 1 ml liquid to centrifuge tube, then, add 400ul detection reagent to it

3. After mix completely, compare with Color scale measurement card

Interpretation of Test Results

Compare with Color scale measurement card. When the color between two color levels, get the value between the corresponding concentration of the two color levels.

Precautions and Warnings

1. This test kit is only for rapid detection, not the basis of legal inspection.

2. If necessary, do positive control experiment to observe the result.

3. Compare with Color scale measurement card immediately after color occurs. If wait too long, test result may be not accurate.

4. If detection reagent splash into eyes, mouth, skin, please wash with water immediately. If it is in platform or goods, clean it in time.

Shelf life

12 months

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