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Total antibiotics test kit is used to detect antibiotics in milk and neutral liquid milk products. There are bacterial culture medium and pH indicator in the microwells. Add milk sample to the microwells, If there are no antibiotics in samples, bacteria will produce acid to make indicator turn from purple to yellow after incubation; otherwise, no color change.
Kit Components
96 microplate 2 pieces
adhesive film 2 pieces
Introduction Manual 1
At 4~8℃, out of sun light & moisture, sealed, do not freeze.
Test Procedure
  1. Cut off microwells that needed (Note: don’t broken aluminium films on the microwells, or it may cause culture medium to loss detection function; return the rest microwell to refrigerator at 4 ℃).
  2. Tear off the aluminium films of the microplate that keep for detection, add 50ul sample to each microwell. Use one microwell as negative control, add 50ul sample without antibiotics to it.
  3. Seal the holes of microplate with adhesive film, and place it at 64±5 for incubation, like water bath kettle or incubator. Observe between 2.5-3h, if the negative control doesn’t turn yellow, continue to incubate. The temperature of Water bath and incubator can cause longer detection time and sensitivity.
      Interpretation of Test Results
Negative: Yellow means there are no antibiotics in sample, or the concentration of antibiotics is lower than detection limit.
Positive: blue or purple means there are antibiotics in sample.
(Note: the time of incubation will last with storage time, for different dairy products, there will be different detection time.)
      Precautions and Warnings
  1. This test kit is sensitive to antibiotics( antibitics, disinfectant, detergent etc). avoid any contamination when store and detection.
  2. Shake Violently or low-temperature freeze can make culture medium flexible, affect the test result, please handle the test kit with care.
  3. Do negative control experiment every time to ensure the best incubation time.
  4. Do not reuse microsyringe head for each sample.
  5. High or low temperature of incubation can affect detection time and sensitivity.
  6. This kit is single use, do not reuse.
  7. The test result of the kit is fo reference only, the final result should be based on authoritative testing institution
Products performance
Items LOD Items LOD
Penicilin-G 1-2ng/ml Amoxicillin 1-2ng/ml
Ampicillin 1-2ng/ml Piperacillin 3-4ng/ml
Oxacillin 5ng/ml Cefoperazone 20ng/ml
Cefalexin 20ng/ml Tetracycline 75ng/ml
Doxycycline 75ng/ml oxytetracycline 50ng/ml
Lincomycin 100-150ng/ml Streptomycin 500-1000ng/m
Gentamicin 50ng/kg kanamycin 100ng/ml
 Shelf life      
12 months      


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