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This test kit is a rapid detection assay that detects disinfection effect in liquid milk. Raw milk contains a kind of enzyme, it can react to detection reagent to present blue, the depth of the blue is in direct proportion to pasteurization . after pasteurization, the enzyme has no effect, and can’t react to detection reagent to develop blue at the same condition.
     Kit Components
Detection reagent A 1 bottle
Detection reagent B 1 bottle
5ml centrifuge tube 2 pcs
Introduction Manual 1
Detection reagent A : store at room temperature;
Detection reagent B: Refrigerate at 4℃.
Test Procedure
  1. Pipette 0.25ml sample milk to centrifuge tube, add 2.5ml detection reagent A to it, shake and mix completely.
  2. Place it in water bath at 36-44℃ for 10 min, then add 3 drops of detection reagent B, shake immediately to mix evenly.
  3. After 5 min, observe the color
     Interpretation of Test Results
If it is blue, which indicates that the pasteurization is not complete.
     Precautions and Warnings
  1. This test kit is only for rapid detection, not the basis of legal inspection.
  2. Do positive control experiment if necessary, in order to observe the result
  3. The temperature of water bath can not be too High or too low, should control 36-44℃.
  4. Shake immediately after adding detection reagent B.
  5. Control the time strictly in the test procedures.
Shelf life : 12 months

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