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 Acidic cleaning solution

  Main characteristics:
Low foam acid powder or liquid product for acid cleaning of all types of milk residues according to their instructions.
The product removes milk stone and hard water deposits very effectively, improving the hygienic status of all types of machines for the  dairy industry
Can be used for manual use  as well as automatic circulation when cleaning.
1.Wash with enough water to remove milk residue
2.Circulate with 1% (10g / l) cleaning solution for 10
up to 20 minutes at temperatures above 40 ° C
3.Rinse thoroughly with  water.
Use 5-1.0% (5-10g / l) after rinsing 30 to 40C
Soak for at least 10 minutes. Clean thoroughly with water.
Determination of the concentrated titrate of P-value by:
Hydrochloric acid
    Special instructions:
Keep container tightly closed and dry.
    Material compatibility:
Stainless steel is not affected by the solution.
Aluminum darkens slightly.
Physical and chemical properties:
Type: white powder
Smell: mild, surfactant
pH value (1%) 1.6
p-value: -4.5
Ingredients: Sulfuric acid,
phosphates, surfactants,
Hazard label: irritant
R 36/38 irritating to eyes and skin
R 52/53 Harmful to aquatic organisms, can cause long term adverse effects in
the aquatic environment
For health information, see the safety instructions for this product.


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