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The peristaltic pump is the first choice for abrasive, aggressive or corrosive environment.
The injection process is triggered by an elastomeric hose pressed by three rotating rollers against the pump housing. By rotating the rotor, the rollers press and release the hose, which, returning to its original shape, creates a vacuum at the pump inlet. In this way the fluid is pumped out and transported into the dosing pipeline. The power supply speed is proportional to the pump speed.
The main characteristics of peristaltic pumps are the contactless transfer of corrosive fluids and other liquids. They are self-priming, work without seals and valves, are easy to operate and have a compact design.


     Step motor

     12 V

    Elastomer tubes – Norprene A60G

    Manufacturer  - TYGON

CPU- controlled engine control

    Flow - min. 0,6l / h - max. 6l / h

     Roller bearings

    Box - stainless steel

     Three roller heads

    Dimensions - 11.5mm / 10mm / 8mm

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