Made in the european union

Thermostatic device for heating up samples for detection of inhibitor substances in
cow, sheep, goat milk etc at constant temperature.
Using power supply 12V-24V or AC/DC adaptor 100-240V /AC.
      Twinsensor BT is a receptor-based assay in a dipstick format for detection of β-lactam and Tetracycline antibiotic groups present in milk samples.
                  Working with the thermostatic device:
  1. Connect the output of the power supply to the thermostatic device, press and hold the button UP and then connect the power supply to the network. After 3 sec. the device gives sound signal and on the display appears number 1 . When the thermostatic device has reached the set temperature, then it’s ready for test.
  2. Add 200 µl of milk samples into micro wells and mix.
  3. Incubate 3 min at 40°C.
  4. Dip one Dipstick into each micro well. Continue incubating for 3 min at 40°C.
  5. Read the colour intensities.
  6. In case you need to switch off the thermostatic device, simply disconnect the power supply.
Note:  When working with accumulator power supply use the cable with the plug
suitable to be connected to the lighter, which is part of the set.

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